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As we go through our daily lives there are many issues that affect us directly and indirectly. These are some of the issues important to me, that I would like to share with you and hope that, in return, you will share your issues and concerns with me so we can work together to accomplish our goals!

Remember:  "government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem."  Ronald Reagan


I look forward to the opportunity to serve our community by representing our district's concerns in Congress!


I believe the economy can be fixed by reducing the size of government and unleashing the free-market, and most other issues go away.

We should encourage small business growth by reducing their bureaucratic burden, providing tax breaks and low-interest small business loans. 

The reduction in taxes and availability of loans stimulate the business to invest in capital and employees, while not using taxpayer money to fund their business ventures.


The relentless rise in corporate taxes has driven businesses overseas.  If we reduce the corporate income tax, businesses and jobs will return. 

If we reduce personal tax rate,  people will regain confidence in the economy and spend money which will in turn, boost the economy. 


Government does not create jobs.  People create jobs.

We need manufacturing to return to the U.S.!

 A strong labor force enhances the overall strength of a business a promotes a strong economy.  

I do not support Right to Work legislation.  Workers have a right to choose their employer, but workers do not have a right to change the employers established policies and procedures unilaterally.


The United States was founded on the Constitution.  It governs the laws of this country.  If you wish to live here then you must respect those laws and abide by them - there are no exceptions!  

The Constitution provides for the security and defense of this nation and that includes the fight against terrorism (foreign and domestic). 

The United States is responsible for protecting its sovereignty and citizens.  This means that it is reasonable to extremely vet those who come into this country from countries that Congress has deemed a terrorist state, harboring terrorists or funding terrorism.  This includes countries with governments that are in such turmoil that they can not adequately provide records on their citizens.

Foreign Policy

The United States and her people are generous.  However, we can not financially support the world in every need. There are many countries financially equipped to do more and they should.  We should support and work with our allies as equal partners in achieving joint goals.  

I support Israel!


The United States Constitution does not guarantee the citizens a "right" to healthcare and government should not be in the healthcare/insurance business.

Each state has an insurance commission that sets the policies and procedures for insurance companies to follow in order to sell policies within a particular state. 

I believe there are ways to lower premiums, but they need to be addressed at the state level.

Therefore the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) must be fully repealed.

1st Amendment

Rights come with responsibilities and while I support free speech, it is our responsibility to be truthful while speaking!

Our Constitution gives us the right to "peacefully assemble" and what we see in 2017 is a far cry from "peacefully assembling". 

Our rights end, where they infringe on or suppress the rights of others and the Constitution states this clearly.  The United States must have laws and citizens must obey the laws of the lands in order to show respect for this country and its fellow citizens.

2nd Amendment

The Constitution states that citizens have the right to bear arms and those rights shall not be infringed.  This includes the right for law abiding citizens to carry and protect themselves.

 A criminal is someone who does not care about obeying laws and as such, they lose this right.

Additionally, those that disagree with this amendment believe that criminals will obey gun restriction laws.  We all know that criminals will continue breaking laws to obtain weapons that will afford them the opportunity to criminalize law abiding citizens.  Reducing the availability of law abiding citizens from self-protection will only lead to the law abiding citizen becoming a victim.

I am a lifetime member of the NRA.


The Constitution of the United States provides for a clear path to legal citizenship.

Sanctuary cities ignore the rights of lawful citizens while giving preference to those who do not respect sovereignty or laws.  

We must secure our borders first, nor can we offer amnesty to those who do not respect our laws. 


Social Security

While the Constitution does not provide Social Security as a "right", we must protect Social Security for citizens that rely on it as their source of income.

Our parents and grandparents were promised that their Social Security retirement would be safe.  We need to keep that promise.  Congress had no right to take money from Social Security to fund any other government program.  It's time for them to right their wrong.

However, there is a need for a better retirement system.  Individual retirement accounts for the younger generation would allow younger workers to have more control over their individual retirement accounts.  I would suggest maintaining Social Security for workers 30 years of age and older, while affording those workers less than 30 an opportunity for individual retirement accounts.


This is a state/local issue, not a federal issue.

School choice is a good thing, however all schools need to be held to the same standards and those standards need to be evaluated without interrupting the academic education. 

I was educated through public education and hold teachers in high regard.  The effectiveness of any school is the involvement of parents working with the students and teachers for one common goal.  The effectiveness of a teacher can not be the results of a standardized test as there are too many variables included.  The effectiveness of the teachers must be rated at the local level.

Regarding higher education, the government has diminished the value of a college degree by expanding guaranteed student loans.  When government offers more money, the universities are first in line trying to get it.  Tuition is out of control, students are in debt with degrees that are relatively worthless.

Supreme Court

The Constitution was well-thought-out by those who had lived under tyranny.  It is not a working or living document. It is a document created to avoid the pitfalls of other types of government that infringed on citizens rights.  

We need justices on the Supreme Court who uphold this view and not one of legislating from the bench.

Trade Policy

I believe in Free Trade.  Therefore, we should have not manipulation or tariffs applied in a true "Free Trade" environment.

We must not negotiate trade deals that do not have the best interests of the United States and its citizens at hand. 

This is why we can not agree to the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), we must renegotiate NAFTA or drop out completely. 

We must enforce penalties to countries practicing currency manipulation to attract jobs.  It's time to make America First, not just in Trade Policy, but in every aspect. 


The decreasing and balancing of regulations are necessary for the responsible stewardship of our environment.

However, safeguards must be in place to keep our waterways clean and reduce environmental accidents.  This holds true for the US government just as much as business.

Most businesses follow safe environmental practices and imposing more bureaucratic red tape only stifles business and increases the size of government, and taxes to support it.


It is my belief that abortion as a means of birth control is wrong nor should federal tax dollars be used in funding where this occurs.  

However, we must have compassion for those cases where incest, rape or where the life of the mother is in jeopardy.

Planned Parenthood should be defunded.


It is my belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

However, we should show compassion by supporting civil unions and allowing protections for the couple or by allowing the individuals to make the determination as to who has access to their private records regardless, of legal relationship.

Currently, if a man/woman divorce there are legal proceedings to end the marriage and settle the marital assets.  There has to be protections for those involved in civil unions as well.

Welfare Dependence

Welfare is a program designed to help people during a rough period in life.  It is not a way of life.  Unfortunately, it has become a way of life for too many citizens that are expecting government to take care of them.  It is not governments responsibility to take care of "healthy and able bodied" citizens.

Welfare is also a State program and should not be funded at the Federal level.

Additionally, drug testing every person is very expensive and the results are less than expected showing a high number of welfare recipients testing positive for drugs. 

Law Enforcement/First Responders

It's time to support our law enforcement from the radical extremists and rioters.  They deserve our support and equipment for putting their lives on the line every day. 

However, there needs to be a clear distinction between civil law enforcement and our military/national guard.

Opiate/Drug Epidemic

Drugs flow into the United States primarily through the southern border.

Partnerships with private sector businesses along with the wall on the southern border to help reduce the drugs entering the country. 

Non-Profit organizations, hospitals, state and local support groups can apply for grants that work in partnership with private sector companies to come up with programs that are effective and efficient.  This has to be a partnership between public and private entities to be successful. 

Throwing money as the sole source for remediation is not the answer.  Education is critical.  Additionally, more emphasis needs placed on the families of the addicts to learn how to handle and cope with the addiction.  The addict will not get help, until the addict is ready for help.

Ohio experienced a 30% increase in heroin deaths from 2015 to 2016 reaching 4050 deaths. 

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood should be defunded at the federal level.

This is a state issue and should be handled by each state.

United Nations

There are 193 countries in the UN. In 2010, the US was responsible for 22% of the UN operating budget and 27% of the peacekeeping budget.  In 2016, the peacekeeping rose to 28.57%.


ISIS is a threat not only to the United States, but to every country in the world.  We must partner with our allies and any other countries that want to eliminate this world threat from existence.  

However, we must be prepared to take necessary steps to ensure their existence does not provide a threat as an entrance into the United States.  This includes all countries that harbor and support terrorist efforts.

Rebuilding the Military

One of the primary functions of our federal government, as outlined in the Constitution, is to protect and defend the United States. 

It is imperative that we protect ourselves from foreign threats and as such, our military needs the state of the art equipment and well trained personnel. 

We send them to war, we need to provide them with the tools to win!  We can’t wait until the  military is called upon to decide to fund the necessities. 

We also need the opportunities that the military provides to our communities.  Our service men and women, learn valuable skills that are not only important to the military but a side benefit of being attractive to businesses as well. 

Once we have called on these service men and women, we must keep our promise in caring for them.  They chose to serve this great nation and it is the responsibility of this great nation to show it’s respect by taking care of them in their hour of need as they once did for us.

Term Limits

Congress currently has a 15% approval rating.

Term limits are necessary to remind the peoples' representatives of who they are and most importantly why they were sent to Congress. 

Currently, the House or Representatives term is 2-years and the Senate is 6-years and a reasonable term limit suggestion would be a maximum of (3) consecutive 2-year terms for House of Representatives and (1) 6-year term for the Senate.  By using term limits, we keep ideas fresh in Congress and we decrease complacency. 

Additionally, by limiting terms in Congress, special interest groups are better controlled, since they can no longer continue supporting career candidates to buy their interests through campaign donations.

The longer a representative is in Congress the more they lose touch with their constituents due to the constant barrage of people seeking their support.  In the end, access becomes more about power, influence and campaign donations.  They become blinded by the glitz and glamour of being in D.C. that creates the inflated egos.  In the current state, some members of Congress have spent most of or their entire career in Congress, outside of the world that the rest us live in.   This is not to say that there are not exceptions to the rules but it is more common to see someone with the best of intentions become indistinguishable from those who have held office for longer.

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