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About Darrell                                                                 

I attended and graduated from Springfield High School (Summit County) and The University of Akron.  My education provided the foundation and opportunity to hold positions in both labor and management, giving me the opportunity to understand both sides of business and the necessity of working together to meet a mutual goal.  My 33 years in business as an employee, holding multiple leadership management positions, and as an entrepreneur have taught me what is needed for a business to be successful.

I have seen changes within my community; the devastation of lives after the loss of jobs and homes, along with the crippling impact of addictions that are tearing families apart.

My parents were hard-working people that instilled God, Family, and Country are the building blocks of life.  Through their dedication, perseverance and guidance, I followed their lead and ethics of hard work needed to pursue my own dreams to acquire the knowledge and experience to provide for my family and to now help others in their pursuit of the American Dream by serving our community in becoming a member of U.S. House of Representatives, OH-16.

From the experience that I have gained in various business sectors, I realize that while college is the answer for some, it is not the answer for everyone. I strongly believe that in order to fix this economy, we need to have a strong skilled labor force so that we can attract more manufacturing opportunities and that we can reach that goal by providing more vocational programs for people.  This will not only benefit businesses but will allow our family, friends and neighbors the opportunities needed to reach their individual goals.

 We need a strong military and the opportunities that it provides to those who choose to serve and defend this nation.  We need the best and brightest in our military and to provide them with best training, technology, equipment and gear to get the job done!  It is our duty and responsibility to take care of our veterans, honoring their service by keeping our promise to care for them.

It is through our shared interest and concern, that I humbly ask for your support in seeking the office of the U.S. House of Representatives (OH-16) so that we can all share in the American Dream!

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