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Have you felt like no one is listening to you in Washington, D.C.?  Have you been  struggling to make ends meet and yet, no one seems to care?  Have you lost confidence in your government?

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Darrell Hartman and I, like you, had lost my confidence too!  However while the economy, jobs, national security, and other important issues have not been good, we can work together to make them better. 

There are 3 main objectives, if I am fortunate enough to serve as your Congressional Representative in Washington D.C.  First, Term Limits are absolutely necessary.  Term limits prohibit individuals from seeking to make politics a career.  Additionally, it takes the bite away from the snake (special interest groups) trying to buy their interests through campaign donations.  Secondly, Balanced Budget Amendment must be passed.  States and local municipalities are required to live within their budget and it is time for the Federal Government to live within their budget as well.  Congressional retirement accounts should not be funded with tax-payer money.  Lastly, Prohibiting Congress from exempting themselves from laws passed along to the citizens of the United States.

If Congress refuses to act on these very important issues, limiting the power of the Representatives, I support Article V of the Constitution, calling for a Convention of States to pass the amendments.

Additionally, I would initiate or support legislation to repeal Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and any other anti-capitalist laws that grant extended absences from work without pay.   Worker pay must be associated with productivity as a cost-benefit analysis. 

I oppose increasing the federal minimum wage laws and any further increases to the federal debt.

I believe in promoting tax cuts across the board and oppose all forms of crony capitalism; including special interest lobbyist from industries, minority groups, chambers of commerce and others trying to buy influence in government. 

I support equal liberty and equal freedom for everyone by ensuring all laws apply equally to all citizens, including members of Congress.

With this thought in mind, I hope that you will take a moment to review my website and to get to know me.  I would like the opportunity to become your Republican candidate for Ohio's 16th District to the United States House of Representatives.  Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email or visit me on Facebook.
I hope that you will join my campaign and we will work together to accomplish our goals!  

Welcome to the team!

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